Carrots with garlic and walnutsCarrots with garlic and walnuts
200 gr.6,90 lv
Salad CaesarSalad Caesar
(Lettuce, chicken fillet, anchovy, mayonnaise, parmesan, croutons)
300 gr.8,90 lv
 Green salad with tuna
(Lettuce, corn, tuna, fresh onion and cucumber)
300 gr.8,50 lv
 Greek salad
(Tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, onion, olives, oregano)
400 gr.8,90 lv
Salad ApennineSalad Apennine
(Lettuce, chicken roll, yellow cheese, tomato, macaronis, olive oil, lemon)
400 gr.7,90 lv
 Green salad
200 gr.6,50 lv
Karakachanska saladKarakachanska salad
(Tomatoes, roasted peppers, cheese, filter yoghurt, garlic, egg, red pepper)
350 gr.8,90 lv
(Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, garlic, sauce Pesto)
300 gr.8,90 lv
(Filter yoghurt, sheep cheese, roasted peppers, garlic)
200 gr.6,90 lv
 Cabbage and carrots
300 gr.6,50 lv
 Tomatoes with basil and blue cheese
300 gr.6,50 lv
Bosss saladBosss salad
(Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow cheese, corn, chicken fillet, dressing, onion)
450 gr.9,50 lv
Salad FreskaSalad Freska
300 gr.8,90 lv
(roasted eggplant, roasted zucchini, roasted pepper, garlic, parsley, peeled tomatoes, chopped sheep's cheese)
350 gr.8,90 lv
200 gr.5,90 lv
400 gr.9,50 lv
350 gr.9,50 lv
400 gr.5,90 lv
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