Main dishes

Broccoli with cheeseBroccoli with cheese
( , , , )
350 gr.8,40 lv
 Katino meze
(pork neck, onion, hot pepper)
400 gr.12,00 lv
Pork fillet Sauce DemiglassPork fillet Sauce Demiglass
(pork bon fillet, butter, potatoes, milk, sauce Demiglass)
500 gr.12,00 lv
Pork with mushroomsPork with mushrooms
(pork, mushrooms, cream, sauce Demiglass, mashed potatoes)
450 gr.9,50 lv
Chicken PillarChicken Pillar
(chicken fillet, mushrooms, smoked cheese, cream)
350 gr.9,50 lv
Fillet CocoFillet Coco
(chicken fillet, mushrooms, pickles, soy sauce, mashed potatoes)
450 gr.9,50 lv
Chicken mealChicken meal
(chicken fillet, onion, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, hot pepper, yellow cheese, spices)
400 gr.9,50 lv
450 gr.8,90 lv
 Spicy shank
(pork shank, tomato sauce, onion, pepper, hot pepper, cheese, garlic, yellow cheese)
400 gr.9,90 lv
Oven-baked pork shank with mushrooms, potatoes and yellow cheeseOven-baked pork shank with mushrooms, potatoes and yellow cheese
400 gr.9,90 lv
Veal VikyVeal Viky
(veal bites, bacon, mushrooms, pickles, onion, garlic, parsley)
400 gr.19,50 lv
Oven-stewed vealOven-stewed veal
(sauce braten juice, rice and mashed potatoes)
400 gr.19,50 lv
450 gr.12,00 lv
 Portion meatballs
(2 fried pork meatballs, french fries, homemade paste of tomatoes and peppers)
550 gr.9,50 lv
400 gr.9,50 lv
400 gr.9,90 lv
450 gr.7,00 lv
300 gr.7,50 lv
300 gr.7,50 lv
 Crispy breaded pork fillet with french fries garlic sauce, spicy sauce
350 gr.12,00 lv
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